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About Us
Acorns Read and Grow was founded amid concerns over the standard of literacy among some young people, especially at primary level.
We help with the funding of initiatives that achieve our goal of ensuring that every child has appropriate reading ability by the age of nine so they are well prepared for secondary school.
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About Us

It comes as a great shock to many, that on average, three or four children leaving primary school each year are unable to read, write or understand numbers to a level expected for their age.

This sadly leads to their falling behind in their learning, as well as a loss of self-esteem and problems in adult life. More than half the UK prison population are illiterate.

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Acorns Read and Grow

What We Do

Acorns Read and Grow has been founded in Kent to support two excellent reading charities. In Kent this is principally concerned in supporting KM Charity Team’s – Buster’s Book Club and Buster’s VIP Club

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At the beginning of this year Acorns Read & Grow – in partnership with the KM Charity Group – discussed our new Busters VIP Programme

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Acorns Read and Grow is a charity dedicated to ensuring that all children leave primary school with a reading, writing and numerical ability appropriate to their age.