Diversity in Children’s Books

In order to engage and support all children in reading it is incredibly important to present them with a diverse range of literature.

Children need to be able to see their own lives reflected in the characters, illustrations and stories that they see and read.

Diverse books open the door for children to walk in another’s shoes and learn more about other cultures and experiences. Books can also promote inclusivity, cultivate compassion and raise awareness of others.

At Acorns Read & Grow, we have a wide range of diverse books for our volunteers to share with children. Below are a selection of our current favourites.

My Hair

Mr Hair

Written by Hannah Lee - Lovely rhyming story about a little girl who cannot decide how to wear her hair – will it be braids, dreads or a twist cut?

Handa's Surprise

Handa's Surprise

Written by Eileen Brown – Beautifully illustrated and children will love the joke that runs through the story.



Written by Jeannie Baker – picture book which follows a parallel day in the life of two families : one in a North African Village and one in a Western City. Children are encouraged to spot the differences and similarities within the two cultures.

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