At the beginning of this year Acorns Read & Grow – in partnership with the KM Charity Group – discussed our new Busters VIP Programme with three secondary schools in Dover.

The need for support is vital – out of all primary schools that feed into the three secondaries 45% have a reading age of less than eight years of age. The aim of the programme is to create a link for students for transfer directly from the primaries to the secondaries in Dover, as well as providing fully trained Busters VIP Volunteers in primary schools to support pupils improve their literacy skills.

With the onset of coronavirus however, all our plans have come to a halt. Due to government regulations put in place, many of our fundraising and volunteer recruitment drives were cancelled.

In regards to our Busters VIP Volunteers already placed in primary schools, we are currently awaiting guidance and instruction as to when our volunteers will be able to continue their support within a school setting.

We at Acorns Read & Grow are as passionate as ever in supporting children with their literacy skills. We are working very hard behind the scenes to ensure we are exploring all avenues of support for children and continue to fundraise as and where we are able to do so safely. If you would like to be involved in fundraising or would like to donate please do get in touch via our contact page.

Our latest fundraising event raised funds to provide five new volunteer book bags – each book bag contains ten new books for volunteers to share with children. Further events are planned for later this year and details will be on the website in due course.


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