Trustees and Patrons

Our chairman recognised a number of years ago that there is a fundamental flaw in the education system. “Allowing far too many children to arrive at secondary unable to read.” As you will see he has bought together a group of trustees each of whom bring their own highly beneficial specialist skill. The trustees single most important aim is to highlight this major flaw and do everything possible to rectify the system.

Michael Head (Chairman)

Entrepreneur, businessman and retired managing director of Crown Products, a major employer in Herne Bay. They have supported schools in Kent for many years.

Michael is a philanthropist who founded the Crown Charitable Fund to support good causes, especially those involved in improving literacy.

Emma Marriott (Secretary)

Lucy Marriott

Geraldine Allinson

Geraldine chairs the KM Media Group, the largest independent news organisation in Kent. She is the fourth generation of the family who founded the business in the late 1800s.

Geraldine is a past President of the Newspaper Society and committed to supporting literacy initiatives, especially Buster’s Book Club run by the KM Charity Team.

Trevor Sturgess

Trevor was the KM Media Group’s Business Editor for more than 20 years. He is an award-winning journalist who co-founded the Kent Business newspaper in 1993.and which continues to this day alongside its online counterpart.

He is now a freelance consultant in PR and media, and appreciates how vital it is for young people to have the essential reading skills to equip them for the world of work.

Julie Summerfield (Charity Co-ordinator)

Julie has worked in education for over twenty years – teaching and supporting children in literacy. She has worked across all Key Stages in mainstream and Special Educational Schools and in a Pupil Referral Unit. Julie has seen first hand how a lack of ability and confidence in literacy skills impacts on a child’s short and long term progress.

Julie is currently working as a reading helper for Buster’s VIP Club. She is passionate about improving literacy skills in children and how this can be achieved via 1-1 support from Buster’s VIP Club and from initiatives such as Buster’s Book Club.

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