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Acorns Read and Grow has been founded in Kent to support an excellent reading charity. KM Charity Team’s Buster’s Book Club/Buster’s VIP Club. They are doing amazing work with our schools. Their magnificent efforts greatly benefit the children, many of whom forge ahead with their reading as a result.

Buster's Book Club

Buster’s Book Club is designed to make reading cool and sets children an individual home reading target depending on their year group. Children are then set a series of challenges throughout the year – these include inter-class and inter-school events, all of which culminate with an annual record event. The scheme is proving very effective at involving parents and engaging with pupils, particularly boys. Prizes for the inter-school challenges include a visit by a story-teller, a hamper of books or free entry tickets to locations such as Leeds Castle or Chatham Dockyard.

Peasmarsh - Stevie-May Wright

Buster's VIP Club

Buster’s VIP Club is a new one-to-one literacy programme helping children to become established, independent readers so that a whole new world of opportunity opens up to them. The programme will be delivered by trained volunteers and will focus on developing reading, speaking and listening skills in pupils. We will also be offering the programme, when fully developed, to gifted and talented pupils.

Many Primary Schools wish to join these excellent schemes but do not have the necessary financial resources.

Acorns Read and Grow supports these projects by giving financial assistance to those Primary Schools to help them and their pupils take part.
Acorns Read and Grow encourages a group of schools to band together and form a reading club.
The charity’s longer-term goal is to promote and extend this initiative to schools across the UK.

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