Who Do We Help


Acorns Read and Grow helps Primary Schools fund some of the costs of developing literacy in their pupils.

In Kent this is principally concerned in supporting KM Charity Team’s – Buster’s Book Club and Buster’s VIP Club.

Our Aim

Our main aim is to provide assistance for primary schools that wish to sign up to Buster’s Book Club/Buster’s VIP Club, helping them and their pupils take part. The charity’s long-term goal is to promote and extend this initiative to schools across the UK.

Acorns Read and Grow also highlights the important role of Buster’s VIP Club. We encourage volunteers to come forward, to help children who require extra assistance with their literacy skills. Buster’s VIP Club provides special training for all their volunteers to ensure they are well equipped with the necessary skills.

Acorns Read and Grow

If every child arriving at secondary school could read properly, this would have a major beneficial impact on the performance of these very challenged secondary schools. Our absolute priority is supporting children in primary schools to achieve higher levels of literacy.

Failure to be able to read at an age-appropriate level when arriving at secondary school means that pupils will struggle to access the curriculum. This leads to low self-esteem and possibly poor behaviour choices. It is not part of the secondary school’s curriculum to teach reading and this issue can cause disruption in class and a serious distraction to successful teaching.

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